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Coach House Platinum RV at rally

Hello everybody at the factory. We are now at an Escapees RV Club "Escapade" at Goshen, Ind. We are in a good spot and when people give us a look over, we invite them in and give them a card. If you like a rig, you love to show it.

So if people say they saw one here or there, it was probably us as we toured Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky and now Indiana on our way to New Hampshire for the summer.

Karl & Marion

I bought a 2010 Coach House Platinum 241XLFD Mercedes 3500 Sprinter on November 9, 2013. This is my ninth used coach. Owners David and Steve Gerzeny, gave me, Joel Anderson, and friend, Gary Woodson, a personal tour of their factory. We were tremendously impressed by the quality of the work and finished product.

Coach House is a small manufacturer that I think produces the finest down-sized Class C motor homes, a one-piece carbon fiberglass body. The overall quality is excellent.

Thanks, Dave and Steve.


Coach House Platinum RV in Alaska
We've just completed a trip to Alaska — 15,000 miles on the Coach House Platinum RV and 4,000 miles on the motorcycle. Thanks for manufacturing a quality product.

Warmest regards,
Jerry & Mary Anne

Hi Robert & Terry, 

We would love to share our excitement about our Coach House and our travels. I am very excited for you. Our feeling towards Coach House is you can’t do any better! Even though there is no local dealer we have received great support from the Coach House team and they have worked with the local Camping World location in Chichester NH when we needed assistance.

We would invite you to see our Coach but it is currently stored in Albuquerque. We are back home (Bradford NH) for the holidays and will be heading back on January 7. I hope to be finishing up the Blog during the next few weeks. However, we are in the process of planning the next leg of our 3 year plan. We will pick up the RV and head up the west coast and spend the summer in Alaska. I’m really glad you’ve enjoyed the Blog.

We love our Coach House and after spending the last 5 months in it we feel like it’s home. There is plenty of room for the two of us and we are very comfortable. The quality of the interior is first class. We have plenty of cabinet space, the fridge holds much more than it looks and pantry space is great. We did add a foam pad to the top of the mattress and sometimes the bed is so comfy we have trouble getting out of it in the morning! We have had company while on the road and we are told the sofa fold down bed is also very comfortable. We did not get the model with the table. We prefer the sofa and smaller tables and they are fine for us. We eat outside most of the time.  

Ken’s input:

I like the way the coach handles and it’s comfortable to drive. Having the rear view mirror makes it easy to check the tow vehicle because I hardly know its there. The firestone air bag suspension has been handy when we traveled across the plains. We had considerable winds and pumping this up made the coach very stable. Generally it has everything we needed on the road. We’ve boon docked for up to a week without issues, and experienced cold weather (19 degrees). We bought the heat tape option and we are confident we can handle cold weather. The coach maneuvers like a dream.

We have camped in many state and national parks and have never been turned away. Many have size limits but ours has never been a problem. We have driven gravel roads and pulled into some pretty tight remote campsites. We have driven through small towns like Dover NH and have been able to park easily. We were initially concerned about mountains out west. Towing our HHR up 6 and 7% grades we are confident we can climb and descend these mountains for miles as has been our experience.  The quality is best described by the comments we get from others. We literally turn heads when we pull into campgrounds. If you don’t want to give tours of the coach.. don’t by one. Because of it’s unique appearance and quality paint job we have shown the coach to many people in campgrounds and even get comments when we are stopped at stop lights! Everyone wants to see what it looks like inside.

As mentioned in the blog we had a few issues along the way but we would expect this from any coach. Most importantly we were able to work with Ford and Coach House to get them resolved quickly without hassles. We are very proud owners as you can tell. We have seen other class C’s going down the road and they just look like boxes to us. We wouldn’t drive anything else. If you would like to talk further, please feel free to give us a call. Maybe we could get together and share more information. 

Sandi & Ken

To One and All,

We purchased our first Coach House Platinum in 2003 from RV World, Inc. in Nokomis. This was after a visit to your factory to witness seeing how they were built. We enjoyed your motor home very much and traveled to many states and Canada. In 2006, we decided to take a trip with a group to Alaska. We liked the two slides and traded for a 2006. We visited many more states and additional provinces of Canada. Finally, in 2008 we visited all but two states and ten of the Canadian provinces.

However, due to Erma’s health and my advancing age, we decided the time had come to hang it up. We planned one more trip that stated on October 1, 2009 that would take us out west to visit the tow states that we had missed Nevada and Utah. Our goal of all the states and most of Canada had been a reality. Our total miles were over 68,000 and except for the Alaska trip we towed a Saturn.

Countless folks on the road stopped by to see our or ask about our Platinum 272XL. We had a few problems along the way, but a call to Armando solved many of them. We wanted to let you know your well designed motor home gave us a great deal of joy and a wonderful view of our great country. We were sad this last Monday when we dropped our Platinum off at RV World on consignment.

Thanks for the great memories and best of wishes for your continued success.

Bill & Erma J.

Hi Steve,

We left home on the 15th of October and this is the third day in our Coach House and I just wanted you to know that this coach is absolutely wonderful.  We love the subtle changes you have made since our last model — this coach is very elegant and we are thrilled with it.

Thank you again for your responsiveness and care.


Charlie and I want to thank you and all of your Coach House workers (especially Armando) for doing such an excellent job of the many warranty items we had on our list.  We are actually pretty flabbergasted that they were able to get through them all and they did such an excellent job of each one of them.  It was certainly worth the trip to your factory for this warranty work.

It is such a pleasure to do business with your company.  Everyone is always so pleasant to work with.  We could tell that your workers take a lot of pride in doing such fine  work.  Your final product reflects that pride and dedication, too.  My husband is especially pleased with the non-warranty body work and painting to repair his mishap from last summer.

In Williamsburg you offered to pay our transportation costs to bring our coach to your factory, but we feel that we have already been more than compensated for our costs to come down by the splendid work that was done on our coach.  We do thank you for the offer to cover those costs, though.

We have had such a great experience working with your company and we are really enjoying our Coach House RV.  We would love to write a testimonial for you if you think it would be helpful to you.  Since this is our first RV, we don’t have any comparison.  We did do quite a bit of research on RVs before settling on the Coach House Platinum II.  We have not been disappointed with our purchase.  If you have any particular subjects you’d like us to cover in a testimonial, please let me know and I’d be glad to write one for you.

Two very happy customers,
Margaret and Charlie Hedstrom

After owning a smaller Coach House, we were introduced to the Platinum. We took a tour of the plant and they explained the manufacturing process and reasons they considered the Coach House Platinum model superior to the many other competitor brands. After extensive travel, we feel assured that we purchased the right vehicle from the right manufacturer. We would recommend the Coach House Platinum to anyone!

Walter & Edna Antoine

We attended the FMCA April Showers Rally with our new Platinum. What do we think of the new Platinum??? WE LOVE IT!!! The E-450 Chassis handles very well – the ride is excellent – it seems a little more quiet than the E-350. We look forward to many happy travels in the new Platinum.

Bill & Jeri Spier

We retired and have camped most of our adult lives in tents, pop-ups to Class A's. We love our Platinum. We feel you really care and listen to your customers. The kitchen, wonderful bathroom and facilities for the bedroom are planned so well. The quality of the appointments are superb … passing trucks do not effect the stability of the Platinum … we also use our Platinum for transportation while we are in Florida … It is so easy to drive in the city and parking is a breeze. My wife does all the driving. The gas mileage makes it very affordable. Last but not least, your service has been great, more than we could ever dreamed of. Everyone we have worked have been helpful, professional and listen to our needs.

John & Jo Ann Kline

We see this coach as target at folks who are tired of the fight with a big rig. Everywhere we go we get statements like, "It sure must be nice to have a motorhome that you can just get in and go". It is! Is the Platinum a perfect 10? Not yet, but for a new model, it just about drilled it. The Platinum is a goer on the road and we cover some serious miles. If any customers have questions on the Platinum, I'll be glad to help. The Platinum is a darn nice coach. Keep up the good work and the quality control.

Steve Savage

We are even more impressed with the Platinum now that we have seen the quality used in its construction. We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to show us the inside, underneath, and outside of the best-built coach we have seen. I can believe the rating you received for the Platinum. It is a very well made coach. We have been pleased with all aspects of Coach House, from the company owners to the people who sell and service them. We look forward to many happy miles in our Platinum.

Charles & Lucille Spellman

For anyone wondering about the stability and towing capacity of the diesel Platinum Coach: My wife and I looked for several years for a small deluxe camper with super stability and power. We had given up when a diesel Platinum demonstrator showed up at our local dealer. We visited the factory, and when we saw the upgrades and drove a 450 chassis we ordered a new 450 diesel-powered unit specced exactly to our wishes. We have put over 16,000 miles on the unit in nine months including a 5,500-mile trip to Moab, Utah, hauling a Jeep from Lancaster, Pennsylvania — 2,100 miles in 38 hours both ways with three drivers. The unit drove the same as with pulling no trailer and minimal effect on fuel economy.

Even though the 350 chassis and 450 chassis have the same engine, the 450 has many superior features, including more stability braking for high-speed towing. Beyond the 450 chassis, what I believe sets the coach way ahead of its competition in small RVs is the adjustable air-bag suspension system. In crossing Kansas, we encountered severe thunderstorms and 50-60 mph side winds. We set the bags at 100 pounds, providing the stability to drive 70 mph plus. The rig has no problems maintaining 70-75 mph where the speed limit permits. Our family looks forward to many years of pleasure and challenging trips in our Coach House. Thank you Coach House for building such a fine 23-foot RV.

Paul Risk

RV Rating Guide, published by the RV Consumer Group, has given the Coach House Platinum a 5-Star rating on all reviewed products. In order to receive this high rating "a brand needs to have an excellent record of performance in Value, Reliability, and Highway Control." Please visit their website for further details and stats.