Who is the Coach House customer?

Down-Sizers — Age 55-85:
Couples who have had a much larger Class A motor home and are tired of handling the "big rig" look for something they can tour in, but also want the luxuries they had in a Class A. In some cases the woman will now become the primary driver. This also appeals to a single person who has lost a spouse and no longer needs the room in a larger Class A.

First Time Buyer Retirees — Age 55-65:
These buyers have never owned a RV. They are retiring and want to tour the country in style. Many have rented an RV but never purchased one. They expect quality but need to be educated on the RV Lifestyle.

Up-Sizers — Age 65-85:
These buyers have typically had a Class B van. Some downsized to a van from a Class A, but found the van just too small. They plan to tour but they want more living space than a van affords them.

Business Owners — Age 35-55:
These customers own a business and will use the Platinum for business and pleasure. Many will use the Platinum as a second vehicle. They may travel to multiple states for business, sometimes staying in the RV and sometimes in a hotel. They may use the coach as a traveling office to meet clients. The expectations of these business owners are very high and they demand automotive quality, reliability and performance. They really appreciate our 3-year warranty. The size and driveability features of our coach are perfect for this buyer

Families & Young Professionals — Age 25-35:
These young, upcoming professionals usually have children and will use our coach as a large van. They take the coach to things like their kid's soccer practices and other sporting events as well as family vacations. Many are first-time buyers. They expect high quality in everything they buy.